Savannah Mustang Club
Savannah, Georgia

From J. C. Lewis Ford

To Savannah Mustang Club Members and MCA Members 

Our contact, James Eddy, confirmed with us another year will be honored on our perks as

members of the Savannah Mustang Club when your membership card is presented.

MCA members also get further perks. 

• 20% off in stock parts!  .

• 20% off the Body Shop repairs and labor!  

• 20% off Service Labor and Parts!

•20% off Oil Changes! 

Present your Current Savannah Mustang Membership Card or Current MCA Membership Card to receive this great deal! 


Want to Buy a New Car 

Go to any J.C. Lewis Dealership and receive the X-Plan on any NEW Ford Vehicle. The X-Plan is an incentive program offered to groups such as SMC and MCA members to assist with purchase power over an individual purchaser. For $100 over dealer invoice you can buy a new car or truck. This is group power! Plus if you are a MCA member there is an extra perk, (I would sign up just to get this!) the Document Fee for J.C. Lewis is $699.00, if you give them your current MCA card the fee is reduced $100.  That's a $599 savings right there! 

Found a car at Hinesville Ford or Statesboro Ford...The deal works there too, buy it there or just Call James Eddy to have the car sent to his dealership in Savannah and handle the paperwork there. 



He will work with you there too.  
Honestly they want our business, they are great people to work with and listen to your needs. 
I have names below for contact people and if they say they don't know about this when you go to do business,  
just give them James Eddy name and he will give them the correct information. 


James Eddy .... General Manager Savannah
Jeff Ambrose ..... Service Manager, Savannah 
Stephen Staton.....Manager Statesboro (912) 341-6767 
Ashley Hill.....Manager Hinesville (912) 257-4833 


Savannah Mustang Club 
PO Box 13204
Savannah GA 31416