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Sharon B Conrad
05-13-2020 8:33:03 AM EST
are you still having the meeting on the 16th? i will be coming from bluffton, what are the directions, and the address where the meeting is? thank you, sharon

Savannah Mustang Club, Inc.
04-18-2020 6:02:43 PM EST
From: Mark68gtcs Date: April 18, 2020 at 11:26:54 AM EDT Subject: 2020 Virtual Car Show Winners List Good Saturday Morning Everyone.We have had a very successful 1st Ever Virtual Car Show with 64 total entries.This far exceeded anything that we imagined and I want to thank each of you for entering your cars.Also special thanks to Tonya Davis, Cheryl Turner, and Emory Aspinwall for making this event really happen.Due to it's overwhelming success, we have decided to move up the original 6 awards categories to the top 20.This show was judged by popular vote show from the FACEBOOK page members who "like" the cars.Further to make it as fair as possible, Emory, Cheryl, Tonya, and myself disqualified our cars from the competition since we were the administrators.Some folks were very close to winning, but due to the camera angle, the distance camera shot, or a last day entry might have stalled the effort to win.All participants will win a door prize.The Trophy winners are as follows: In the 1964.5 to 1973 Category: Jim Hitch Car # 35 1966 Shelby Hertz with 11 like votes Jerry Bridgeforth Car # 46 1965 Fastback Shelby Tribute with 10 like votes Dave Turnbull Car # 5 1964.5 Convertible Mustang with 9 like votes April Tatausko Car # 42 1964.5 Convertible with 9 like votes Henry Boyles Car # 29 1965 Mustang Fastback with 8 like votes 1974 to 2004 Category Wade Smith Car # 40 1992 Mustang LX Convertible with 5 like votes Charlie Higgins Car # 28 with 5 like votes Willard White Car # 50 with 5 like votes 2005 to 2013 Category Chris Tatusko Car # 50 2007 Shelby GT 500 with 11 likes Brian Murphy Car # 3 2007 Shelby GT with 9 like votes Tom Edmonds Car # 32 2008 California Special with 9 like votes 2014 to 2020 Category Bill Griffin Car # 26 2016 Mustang GT with 6 like votes Minnie Edmonds Car # 33 2018 GT Mustang with 6 like votes Jon Fowler Car # 45 2017 Shelby GT 350 with 6 like votes Classic Ford Cars & Trucks Category Wes Jackson Car # 31 1972 Ford Maverick with 15 like votes Craig Lesh Car # 20 1970 Ford Torino with 10 like votes Sharon Conrad Car # 15 1956 Ford Thunderbird with 8 like votes Henry Boyles Car # 30 1969 Ford Bronco with 8 like votes Under Construction Class Willard White Car # 51 1978 Ford Mustang II with 5 likes Non-Ford but Cool Car Class but will buy a Ford as soon as I can... Jon Knotts Car # 34 1970 Plymouth Duster with 7 likes The awards and participants prizes will be given away at our next meeting (Hopefully Saturday, May 16th, 2020.) THANK YOU ALL FOR THE PARTICIPATION AND PLEASE BE SAFE, MARK DAVIS Richmond Hill, Georgia (912) 659-6511

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